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April 10, 2006

WFAN sports/talk Streaming Starts Tomorrow

This morning I listened to local talk radio with Jay Sorensen, site of WJRZ, on point talking about the alien invasion here in New Jersey. Italian, Irish, Chinese and other legal immigrants of yore did not walk out of schools waving the flag of whatever country they escaped. But apparently that is going on all over the country now.

The tipping point is here. We’re all border states now. The situation is getting out of hand and our government on all levels is failing us. The Senate bill proposed this past week was totally worthless and would only encourage an acceleration of the problem.

In Lakewood, New Jersey, local officials are spending 37 thousand dollars of taxpayer money to aid and abet illegal activity by establishing a day laborer “muster zone”. In addition, publicly funded buses will provide transportation to this staging area. One opponent of this travesty remarked, “How about a print shop for their false IDs?”

On the state level, a bill has been introduced to provide in-state tuition to illegals. While a legal citizen who may have moved out of state is ineligible for this tuition rate, this policy makes discounted tuition available for students who aren’t even in the country legally, though they may never have known any other place as home.

Insanity on every level on this issue. Time is running out and scars are forming. The gates are open and unattended. Its 12 or 15 or more likely 20 million illegals today. We are passing the point of viable assimilation levels. Ten or twenty years from now it will be fifty or eighty million. The social unrest at that point will make todays problems insignificant. By that time, America as a free society will have ceased to exist, which perhaps, is precisely what some people want.

WFAN adds its sports and talk programming to the streaming mix Tuesday, pharmacy
April 11. The streaming officially begins with a special internet-only Mike and the Mad Dog show for Tuesday afternoon at 3:00pm est.

The FAN begins its weekday daytime broadcasting with Imus from 5:30 until 10am. Imus is followed each day by Joe Benigno. Other regulars include Steve Somers, ailment Mike and the Mad Dog, Tony Paige, Kevin Burkhardt, Evan Roberts and Chris Carlin. Weekends offer Steve Somers, Mark Malusis, Bob Salter, Ed Randall, Ed Coleman, Richard Neer and Ann Liguori. Detailed bios are provided on the site for all the FAN personalities.

Much of the scheduling varies with live sports coverage, most of which cannot be streamed. You can go right to their schedule page to see the current weeks programming. Oh, and the stream sounds great. :)

Topic: — dave @ 11:52 am EST, 04/10/06
March 6, 2006

Dive Right In – Scuba Radio

Feeling “bent” or just want another way to get tanked, heart then ScubaRadio may be just the answer. Want tips on proper use of the diver peeing flag or have a hankering for some safety sausage, rubella then you should buddy up with your radio or computer and listen to ScubaRadio.

Now on the Saturday schedule live at 3pm est., this nearly ten-year-old show is heard by about half a million people a week. Join Greg the divemaster as he reports from dive events throughout the country. Last week’s show included an interview about wreck diving in Michigan – winter wreck diving in Michigan – chopping first through 15 inches of ice kind of winter diving. And you might have thought chainsaws were not essential dive equipment.

After following that story with an ad for diving in the Bahamas (more my kind of weather) it was back north to a report from Alaska about whales stalking fishing boats to rob their long lines. It seems fishing boat engines are now a whale siren for free eats, maybe a sort of revenge for hunts of the past.

The show’s website includes a listening archive of past shows so you really can listen anytime. Whether you dive or never get your feet wet, the show offers some cool listening, sometimes icy cool.

Topic: — dave @ 5:18 pm EST, 03/06/06
December 18, 2005

Gun Talk and Rubber Bands

Heard about these on Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk. Now these beat the hell out of the primitive block of wood and nail contraptions I used years ago. Gresham’s right, sickness these are a really cool gift anytime. 50 Cal

The manufacturer was talking about how the state of Kaleefornya won’t let him sell at hobby shows because after all these are “guns.” And naturally he gets some interesting reactions from the politically correct types elsewhere and is sometimes even asked to pack up and leave shows much to the consternation of the customers. But he still manages to sell “thousands” of these beauties to real Americans. AK-47

Lets see, pancreatitis should I order one of those 50 Caliber pistols or go for the AK-47 or M-16? Ammo (rubber bands) for the 50 are about half the cost of bands, skincare I mean ammo, for the rifles. However this ammo can be fired over and over and over. I’ll need some quality spinning targets and I already have safety glasses, although I don’t recall the Duke ever wearing safety glasses. M-16

Gresham is at Weaponry can be found at

Topic: — dave @ 5:44 pm EST, 12/18/05